Fornaciari focuses on renewables with the “ventilated active façade”

In 2023, the Fornaciari company presented the Solar wall, an innovative project from three prominent Italian companies: FORNACIARI, SOGIMI and UNION GLASS. “VENTILATED ACTIVE FAÇADE” The “active” stands for the façade’s ability to produce energy from the sun and thus provide for or supplement the energy needs of buildings. This important project was born out of the know-how of companies that are leading this field both internally and internationally.

Solar wall is a ventilated façade that supplements photovoltaic panels designed for vertical installation. Thanks to its placement on the façade, completely integrated into our system for guaranteed coplanarity, solar wall is perfect for commercial buildings, offices and residential apartment buildings. The ventilated active façade supports the building both passively – in terms of energy savings, acting as the insulation system – and actively, by producing clean electricity.

Architecturally speaking, designers can choose the photovoltaic modules in any colour and shape, for unlimited creative freedom in tune to today’s high aesthetic standards.

During winter months, when the solar radiation is lower, it is still possible to generate power thanks to the photovoltaic panel’s thin-film technology, an important factor to consider. This is a huge advantage because winter comes with greater energy needs for a building.

Solar wall complies with stringent safety regulations; the crystalline panel is sandwiched between two laminated glass panes and incorporated in a cell frame, very convenient for easy access in case of maintenance or replacement. Every module is tested with solar simulator, a guarantee of claimed characteristics. The ventilation behind the panel ensures cooling, for always optimum operating temperature.

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    Solar wall is custom designed to the requirements of the customer. The modules will be interconnected to form the photovoltaic strings and the cable distribution will be housed in cable ducts inside the structure. An electrical panel will be installed (where necessary) for DC-side protection. Another electrical panel will be installed for AC-side protection. The inverter will be hybrid and its power will enable the installation of storage batteries. We can supply the electrical project as well as the documentation for system connection to the grid.

    Solar Wall Ambience, the ventilated active façade that produces clean energy AND purifies the air.

    FORNACIARI and LAMINAM offer the Ambience ventilated active façade. Coupled with photovoltaic panels, large-sized LAMINAM ceramic slabs purify the air.

    Thanks to a natural photocatalysis process, the AMBIENCE external treatment adds substantial properties to LAMINAM surfaces. Ambience technology is based on the hot-process application of titanium dioxide and guarantees perfect adhesion to the surfaces as well as an effect that is long lasting and constant over time. Titanium Dioxide triggers photocatalysis without being consumed by it as time goes by. Accelerated ageing studies simulating natural environmental degradation confirm that the treatment remains effective for up to 50 years of outdoor exposure.




    Ambience Bioactive Tecnology: Beauty and Purity

    Purifies the air

    Thanks to the natural action of the photocatalyst (TiO2) in the treatment, a reaction occurs on Laminam surfaces when they are exposed to the sun’s rays, whereby the active oxygen species (O2 and OH) oxidize polluting materials and break them down, making them harmless for the environment (e.g. NOx gases are converted into water, carbon dioxide and soluble salts such as nitrates).



    Through this breakdown of polluting materials, Laminam’s AMBIENCE treatment produces a significant improvement in air quality and cleanliness.

    A home with an exterior cladding surface area of approximately 150 sq. m treated with AMBIENCE purifies the same quantity of air generated by a 1000-square-metre forest and cuts down an amount of NOx equal to that produced by 11 cars travelling 30 km per day.




    The active oxygen generated by the combined action of the sun’s rays and the titanium dioxide applied on Laminam surfaces can break down a vast number of organic substances in dirt and pollution build-up*.
    The natural disintegration of the dirt combined with an increase in surface hydrophilicity, another property of the AMBIENCE treatment, leads to a self-cleaning action on the external vertical surfaces when it rains.
    The dirt particles are easily eliminated, gliding off the smooth surface as a result of its greater wettability (i.e. a small water contact angle), given by the hydrophilic properties.

    This means an Ambience treatment will keep Laminam slabs looking better while also making ordinary cleaning operations easier (translating into lower maintenance costs and faster extraordinary cleaning operations).




    Photocatalysis, a natural phenomenon, generates a potent oxidation process that prevents bacteria, moulds and fungi from forming and proliferating on surfaces treated with AMBIENCE. The oxygen’s active species attack pathogens and transform them into harmless molecules (e.g. water, carbon dioxide and salts).

    Tests on multiple bacterial strains have shown that Ambience treatment for exterior applications reduces the bacterial load to up to 99.9%; this ensures a more hygienic environment in-between cleaning operations


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