From the design to the installation, the team at Fornaciari will support you step-by-step, at all stages of the project, creating a solution that is made to measure for you. We offer you the benefit of our experience and technology from the design stage on. As well as our proven expertise in the door and window frames, from a simple frame to much more modern solutions, we are also experts in designing and fitting curtain walls and ventilated facades.
A curtain wall in aluminium, glass and metal frames requires the erection of a covering made entirely in glass to act as a filter between the interior and the exterior, providing all the practical features of a normal outside wall. A ventilated facade, on the other hand, is used to cover the walls of a building with panels in various materials that are assembled dry, placed at the correct distance from the actual wall in order to create a cavity that allows for natural air circulation through the openings located at each end of the façade.

Both systems offer access to considerable energy savings for different reasons and on account of their structural properties.

During the feasibility study, our designers will draw up a preliminary analysis of the architectural design. Once the project has been reviewed, the possible options are illustrated and customised solutions are prepared to offer the best response to the customer’s real needs. The various steps required to complete the project are perfected at the design stage. After a thorough analysis of the materials that make up the fabric of the building, the individual components are chosen ahead of the presentation of the final project. All that is left is the actual installation: the team at Fornaciari supervises operations scrupulously, to ensure the finished product matches the plans.

All the materials used in the system are Made in Italy: the result of a painstaking selection process for our suppliers.

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